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Check out: ‘Mr Brightside’, Initially known for his rapid-fire rap technique, Anthony Kiedis’ distinctive baritone gradually revealed itself as Red Hot Chili Peppers shifted from the frantic funk-punk of their early years through to a more mainstream-friendly mixture of punk, psychedelia and arena-rock. The power, the range, the tone – he mixed a little Motown, a little Everly Brothers, a little Zeppelin – and created his own style.” However, he proved himself an able replacement as Floyd followed a more prog-oriented direction, cutting classic albums including Meddle, Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here in the early-to-mid-70s. Check out: ‘Red Right Hand’, Born Ronald Wycherley in Liverpool, Billy Fury was an English singer (and active songwriter until his death, from rheumatic fever, in 1983) who became an early rock’n’roll and film superstar during the original beat boom of the late 50s. Queen was good but come on. The author did not think enough on this….The criteria should have been simple….How does a front man sound live vs on record and what is the range of that frontman’s voice…..This is why Elvis should have been #1..I am a fan of every person in the top 10….but in terms of vocal strength, versatility and vocal range….Elvis should be #1 by a country mile. Check out: ‘All Right Now’, Not just a rock’n’roll superstar, but one of the 20th Century’s most iconic figures, Elvis Presley revolutionised the musical landscape with his stage presence and sex appeal, with Paul McCartney later admitting, “I doubt very much if The Beatles would have happened if it was not for Elvis.” A major component of the phenomenon was Presley’s voice, which started out much lighter, but later matured into a baritone with a soft lower register and allowed The King to dabble in gospel, Dixieland and country as he drifted further from his rockabilly roots. This is not about style of music but about the voice. Check out: ‘November Rain’, Renowned for his raspy, yet soulful vocal style, former Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers may not enjoy the iconic status of some of the hallowed names here, but he’s highly regarded by the best in the business. Well known for his medieval-themed lyrical style and his ability to master both the hardest of rockers and the lightest of ballads, he recorded landmark albums with Rainbow, Black Sabbath and the widely-acclaimed Dio. Early demos reveal him as nervous and inexperienced, but he quickly grew in confidence through regular gigging, and by the time The Doors recorded their seminal, self-titled debut album late in 1966, he’d pretty much nailed his signature croon. Perhaps more than anything, however, all the retrospective activity reminded us exactly why the flamboyant Freddie Mercury and his fearless, four-octave vocal range still rocks us like no other rock singer before or since – and why he’ll likely remain the champion of best male rock singers for many years to come. With help from evergreen classics such as ‘Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man’, ‘Night Moves’ and ‘Turn The Page’, the Detroit-born singer-songwriter has moved over 75 million records and continues to sell out arenas on his Roll Me Away final tour. Let the readers that actually understand what the word ‘legendary’ means post. by Fred Plotkin. This most difficult tenor aria to date reaches an incredible high D, whereas other singers and tenors view the famous top C as the limit of the tenor’s range. Check out: ‘The Passenger’ (with Josh Homme, live at London’s Royal Albert Hall), Though pop stars really don’t get more iconic than David Bowie, the self-styled Thin White Duke wasn’t a natural-born vocalist, with his school teachers rating his voice as simply “adequate”. Anyone care to listen to ‘You need loving’ by the Small Faces and the delivery by an 18 year old kid has to be blown away by it. Check out: ‘Waterloo Sunset’, Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Anderson co-founded prog-rock monoliths Yes with Chris Squire in 1968 and is regarded as one of the genre’s greatest vocalists. Yet again, however, that’s only half the story. Rebellious and iconoclastic, he’s often painted as The Beatles’ outspoken cynic, the guy whose angst and bitters provided the antidote to Paul McCartney’s fluffier love songs. Died Today; Quotes; Filmography; T F P . He was renowned for his growling, Delta blues-influenced delivery, and his band’s initial albums reflected their leader’s love of pioneering bluesman Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson. A guy that could sing country, rock, blues, and R&B and make is sound like they all were his specialities and he is #8? As a vocalist, however, his deep baritone only came into its own on The Idiot and Lust For Life, his two David Bowie-produced touchstones from 1977. Watchlist. Check out: ‘Wondrous Place’, The kind of vocalist for whom adjectives such as “passionate” and “soulful” were invented, Steve Marriott was surely one of the memorable voices of his generation. Check out: ‘Like A Hurricane’ (from Live Rust), Bruce Springsteen receives acres of praise for his vivid, blue-collar lyricism and his narrative abilities, but his big, raspy baritone has rarely let him down. In addition to being a highly prolific songwriter, Ferry is also widely renowned as an interpreter of other people’s songs, including the Great American Songbook standards he recorded for 1973’s These Foolish Things and the selection of Bob Dylan songs he made his own on 2007’s Dylanesque. Check out: ‘Biko’, The primary vocalist with blues-streaked Southern rock colossi The Allman Brothers, Gregg Allman had a voice way beyond his years, crackling with emotional wisdom. I consider Gary Brooker of Procol Harum to be one the ten best rock singers of all time. As well as being a captivating live performer, Bennington was notable for his signature raspy, intense vocal delivery and his spine-chilling, fifth-octave screams. But before we get to the main list there are a couple of singers that are worth mentioning who did not make this year’s top 11. In the meantime, uDiscover Music will try to determine the 100 best male rock singers of all time. Without Geoff Tate, Myles Kennedy or Klaus Meine, this ain’t it! His early albums saw him affect an androgynous falsetto that played up to his penchant for blurring boundaries – a style that would later evolve into the most seductive voice on this list of the best male rock singers. The possessor of a nasal baritone with a diverse pitch and a delivery capable of curdling into an aural sneer, he remains instantly recognisable, even though his larynx has matured as he’s gone on to tackle albums rooted in R&B, jazz and country, as well as his trademark acidic rock’n’roll. Check out: ‘Night Moves’, Renowned – and equally reviled – for the mournful dourness of his voice, Morrissey has nonetheless excelled as both lead singer with The Smiths and as a solo star. Perry should be higher. During the 90s, he added some falsetto to his armoury, but the sweeping, arena-sized anthems that made U2’s name (‘One’, ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own’) will always be his forte. A vocal range bigger than almost all the members of the list, and sweet and clean voice in lower and high notes. A pioneer of the Latin Pop genre, Gloria Estefan is one of … Check out: ‘Losing My Religion’, Though widely praised for his songwriting skills and lyrical dexterity, Elvis Costello also quickly emerged as one of punk’s most original vocalists. Check out: ‘With Or Without You’, Sometimes dubbed the “Demon Of Screamin’” for his trademark high screams and his on-stage acrobatics, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler possesses one of rock’s most durable voices, with his high tenor and four-octave range playing a major role in his band becoming one of the best-selling hard rock acts of all time. He is only 19 and is absolutely incredible with operatic songs. So. Where was Peter Cetera of Chicago? He is the best singer and very easy to dance to his music also best band. Burton Cummings should easily be in the top five (second only to Freddie, in my humble opinion). Sometimes, however, males sing in the higher, traditional female ranges, especially before they hit puberty. Uh what he meant was Steve Perry SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP THREE YOU MORON. How could you not have Layne Staley on this list blows my mind. Check out: ‘All Apologies’ (from MTV Unplugged), One of rock’n’roll’s founding fathers, Roy Orbison had a one-of-a-kind voice with a three-octave range and what one writer referred to as a “glass-shattering falsetto”. ERIC FREAKING BURDON! Famous People From Ireland. His gift of voice is so wonderful and pure, as he lifts his voice toward heaven what a beautiful and sweet sound. Check out: ‘All Along The Watchtower’, One of the most iconic figures from the heavy rock and metal world, Lemmy certainly wasn’t one of rock’s by-the-book vocalists in the technical sense. Ozzy Osbourne is at #8 I mean the list is just a joke. Sunday night in Alice Tully Hall, 10 black tenors and baritones from Independent Black Opera Singers Inc. sought to prove Mr. Schonberg wrong. Check out: ‘The Beautiful Ones’, Though for years Pink Floyd’s second-fiddle vocalist, behind Syd Barrett and then Dave Gilmour, many would argue Roger Waters was always the band’s driving force. Known in opera circles as a … He had a prolific career, however, and several of his early albums, including Goodbye And Hello (1967) and 1970’s avant-garde-inclined Starsailor – the latter including the lush, reverb-filled a cappella workout ‘Song To The Siren’ – capture his daring dexterity as a vocalist. Check out: ‘Great Balls Of Fire’, David Gilmour had the unenviable task of stepping into the shoes of the mercurial Syd Barrett when he joined Pink Floyd. Using those standards, here's who I believe are the nine best singers at work today. Check out: ‘White Wedding’, Like his heartland rock rival Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger wrote impassioned, blue-collar anthems with an across-the-board appeal which he delivered with a raspy voice and a gutsy urgency. Check out: ‘Suedehead’, Formerly associated with Humble Pie and The Herd, Peter Frampton rose to superstar status in the mid-70s when his classic live album Frampton Comes Alive! They’re listed in alphabetical order, and vocalists who predominantly rap are excluded (that’s another list). His distinctive, Celtic-tinged vocal delivery was also versatile enough to master material ranging from expansive ballads (‘Still In Love With You’), to crunching rockers (‘Jailbreak’), tender pop songs (‘Sarah’) and even the timeless ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’, on which Lynott paid affectionate homage to Van Morrison’s blue-eyed soul. A commanding vocalist in his own right, Frampton is perhaps most associated with one of his signature sounds, the talk-box effect (which allows a musician to control an instrument’s sound with their mouth), as showcased on the hit ‘Show Me The Way’. Elvis Presley is #8? Check out: ‘Layla’, Rock’n’roll pioneer Little Richard’s raspy shouting style provided the genre with one of its most identifiable and influential vocal sounds. Check out: ‘Green River’, Sting’s voice had a manic urgency when he started scoring hits with The Police, among them ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Message In A Bottle’, but it has matured steadily over the years, and his solo career has yielded consummate performances such as those found on ‘Fields Of Gold’ and ‘If I Ever Lose My Faith In You’. Check out: ‘Mama’, The Kinks’ frontman is usually praised primarily for his songwriting; his distinctive narratives, observational skills and wry social commentaries have produced some of the most treasured songs in the history of rock and pop. He sang in a high pitch on the band’s landmark 70s releases such as Caress Of Steel and A Farewell To Kings, but discovered a deeper register that he used to charismatic effect on Rush’s string of early 80s classics such as Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures. Check out: ‘Simple Man’, Though perhaps limited in technical ability, Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor delivers his band’s songs with a panache and charisma that’s his alone, and he’s developed a creepy, nasally croon which has defined his style. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes many great Italian male singers, such as Andrea Bocelli, Jessie James Decker, Luciano Pavarotti, Giorgio Moroder and Carla Bruni. come on,proper list but where the fuck is geoff tate ? Often animated in his high-register delivery, Smith is extremely adept at channelling his emotions through his voice. “I hadn’t been to Mississippi when I wrote ‘Proud Mary’, or Louisiana when I wrote ‘Born On The Bayou’, but somehow it all just seemed familiar to me.” Check out: ‘Johnny B Goode’, The possessor of a remarkable, multi-octave vocal range, the much-missed Chris Cornell was one of the most versatile vocalists known to rock. Great at multi-tracking his vocals and assisted by top producers such as Tony Visconti, Bolan still sounds highly alluring on his biggest hits, ‘Get It On’, ‘Hot Love’ and ‘Children Of The Revolution’. While he passed away in 2010, he remains one of the most influential metal frontmen of all time. 1 decade ago. lynndramsop. Check out: ‘The Joker’, Tim Buckley died at 28, in 1975, and earned little recognition during his lifetime. Often imitated, never bettered, Joey’s signature cracks, snarls, hiccups, crooning and youthful-beyond-his-years voice made for one of the punk era’s most recognisable voices. … Not even going to look at this point but they probably left James Hetfield off the list too. Lemmy & Ozzy too. The list is just a joke. One of the great rock voices of all time. I realize these lists are subjective, but some of these named are legendary tone deaf vocalists that can scream but not sing. Lennon and McArtney shouldn’t really be in the top 50 of voices and neither should Elton John. A high tenor, Harrison often sang high harmonies on Beatles songs, but he could also sing in a lower register when required. Actual tragic excuse of an all time list. Update: DON,T SAY BOCELLI NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BE THE BEST IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE VOICE. Michael Stype at #65 is enough to ruin any credibility of this list…, Completely omitting Brad Delp makes this list beyond worthless…..and I have now blocked this site from my FB feed. 42 Comments Operavore. Answer Save. Nonetheless, Hendrix had a rich, smoky baritone which really came into his own when he tackled ballads, blues or his more soul-inflected material, and it’s still a much under-valued part of his DNA. Lv 6. His voice has also picked up high-profile plaudits from unlikely quarters, not least jazz great Ornette Coleman who worked with PiL circa Album. Listen to the Best of Pavarotti on Apple Music and Spotify and read our guide to the best tenors below. Check out: ‘Show Me The Way’, Though few rock fans would argue Rush frontman Geddy Lee is one of rock’s greatest – and most versatile – bassists, his vocal abilities tend to polarise opinion. Check out: ‘Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)’, Prior to his tragic death, in July 2017, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington had established himself as one of the most influential and significant male rock singers of the 21st Century. THE vocal talent extraordinaire bar-none!! If you included Ozzy and Dickinson… you have to consider Heavy Metal singers as well. Your email address will not be published. Best of the Purple singers, especially live and his vocals on Captain Beyond was an additional instrument. In short, Prince’s was one of the most emotive voices in music – and he had one hell of a scream to prove it. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. When Steve Perry appeared at #31, I lost all respect for the author’s opinion. How is Rod Evans of Deep Purple and Captain Beyond not on this list? Perfecting his snarl and swagger, Astbury’s ability to inject just the right amount of power and grit to his vocal delivery has served him well ever since – even allowing him to replace his hero when The Doors briefly reformed in the early 00s. Discover the Italian male singers who have made significant contribution to their field. ‘Vincebus Eruptum’: Blue Cheer Ring Out Across The States, Pianist Ahmad Jamal Recalls ‘At The Pershing’, Revisiting Air’s Retro-Futurist ‘Moon Safari’, ‘Chiquitita’: The Story Behind The ABBA Song, Tyrannosaurus Rex Goes Extinct: Meet The New T. Rex, Chris ‘CM’ Murphy, Longtime INXS Manager, Dies Aged 66, X Ambassadors Announce Multi-Part, Collaborative Series ‘(Eg)’, Hear Avenue Beat’s Sweet New Single, ‘Woman’, Elvis Costello Recruits Isabelle Adjani On French Version Of ‘Revolution #49 (Parlé)’, ‘The Great March On Washington’ Available On Vinyl, officially the most streamed song from the 20th Century, Discover the best female rock singers of all time. Readers are invited to submit their own lists in the comments section. He died in 1982, but has been cited as influence by John Lydon and Nick Cave, while Slade’s Noddy Holder astutely described his music as “decadent rock burlesque”. Mike Patton can sing like everyone on the list, without exception! He had a very decent vocal range, with a bright, ringing quality that remains highly distinctive. However, while some hate the harsh, grating quality of Dylan’s voice, others praise it for its phrasing, and Dylan’s ability to imbue every syllable with meaning. For Industry Professionals. Required fields are marked *. Glaring omissions are Robin Zander (Cheap trick), Benjamin Orr (The Cars), John Wetton (King Crimson, UK, Asia), Brad Delp (Boston) and many already mentioned in comments. Brad Delp didn’t make the list. they were loud, they were passionate, they were in famous bands. Nobody had the range or the lungs of little guy from NJ. He’s since stretched beyond the Dolls’ anarchic proto-punk, attracting widespread acceptance for his jazz-related recordings as Buster Poindexter during the 80s, and fashioning two highly credible, Americana-flecked albums with The Harry Smiths in the early 00s. 1. Influential later titles Doc At The Radar Station and Ice Cream For Crow, however, found him blending elements of blues, free jazz, rock and the avant-garde with spectacular results. When you consider he’s put his inimitable stamp on styles as diverse as country (Nashville Skyline), gospel (Slow Train Coming), blues (Time Out Of Mind) and the heartbroken balladry of Blood On The Tracks, it’s hard to disagree. Check out: ‘Danny Says’, Billboard have suggested that Bruce Dickinson earned his nickname, “The Air Raid Siren”, due to “the ferocious power of his singing”. Reynolds was initially insecure about his voice, and even underwent surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal chords while his band’s early classic ‘It’s Time’ climbed the Billboard chart. The … There are two tenors today — Russell Watson and Jonathan Antoine. Where’s Eric Burdon? Check out: ‘No Erasin’’, Yorkshire-born David Coverdale is the possessor of a velvety baritone with a serviceably bluesy inflection which has stood him in good stead across five decades and found him helming glorious hard rock records with both Deep Purple and Whitesnake, as well as the widely-acclaimed Coverdale-Page album with Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. And how about Benjamin Orr from the Cars? At least list 25% of the entries on this list fall under this category. Though not as adventurous or acrobatic as fellow-baritones Chris Cornell and Axl Rose, Kiedis remains a formidable performer on his own terms. Sign In. Also Steve Marriot must be in the top 5 of Rock and Roll voices. McGraw has released fourteen studio albums. Stand-outs include numerous evergreen hits such as ‘Summer Of ’69’, ‘Run To You’, US chart-topper ‘Heaven’ and, of course, 1991’s legendary power ballad ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’, which topped the UK charts for no less than 16 weeks. Who is the best singer of all time? Check out: ‘I Know How To Die’, Ian Curtis’ tragic suicide curtailed Joy Division’s career, but his band had already released a clutch of post-punk’s most influential discs, and Curtis’ melancholic baritone and intense delivery played a major role in their success. A phenomenal white-blues singer, he turned in remarkable performances on many of his band’s key songs (‘Whipping Post’, ‘It’s Not My Cross To Bear’, ‘Statesboro Blues’, ‘Midnight Rider’) and continued to release albums of note, with his final studio set – 2017’s Don Was-produced Southern Blood – picking up significant critical acclaim and peaking at No.11 on the Billboard 200. While his unmistakeable baritone could dispense the unbridled angst of ‘Cold Turkey, ‘Mother’ or ‘Yer Blues’, it was just as adept at wrapping itself around the wistfulness of ‘In My Life’, the glorious melancholy of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ or the timeless beauty of ‘Imagine’. However, he employed it to devastating effect on a series of dramatic radio hits such as ‘White Wedding’, ‘Rebel Yell’ and ‘Eyes Without A Face’, all of which became MTV staples and yielded multi-platinum sales. All of these albums feature great songs and most of all–Brooker’s signature voice, an English national treasure. This category has only the following subcategory. It was the combination of his melancholic baritone and graceful songwriting style that truly set Orbison apart, however, and its power led Elvis Presley to refer to the influential, Texan-born musician as “the greatest singer in the world.”. Your email address will not be published. Mike Patton can do things with his voice that most on the list couldn’t dream of, and the rest wouldn’t dare to do. Check out: ‘Lovesong’, US guitarist, singer and songwriter Steve Miller initially immersed himself in Chicago’s legendary blues scene, where he jammed with greats like Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. Tyler once told Billboard his philosophy was to “kick ass and leave a footprint”, and his killer vocals have been doing just that for the past 50 years, with hits such as ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Love In An Elevator’, ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ and ‘Sweet Emotion’ chalking up all the proof anyone could ever need. This is the most common type of male singer’s voice, so it should be no surprise that this list of baritone singers is long, and filled with baritone vocalists from vastly varying music genres. This list surpasses your knowledge. His key release was arguably 1960’s Top 20 album The Sound Of Fury, consisting almost entirely of self-penned material. Check out: ‘Hallelujah’, As one third of rock’s first supergroup, Cream, Jack Bruce is predominantly recalled for his virtuosic bass playing and his dextrous songwriting skills. Range, power, melodic. 6 years ago. Pete Townshend once told Rolling Stone that his colleague had come on in leaps and bounds circa 1969’s legendary Tommy (“Roger then realised that he had a full range of sensibilities that he could tap into as a singer”), and from there on, masterful albums such as Who’s Next, Quadrophenia and The Who By Numbers demonstrated that Daltrey had grown into a powerhouse frontman who helped define what swaggering rock gods looked and sounded like. 8. If forced to choose just one performance, you might go for the provocative and truly captivating ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, but the times when Mick Jagger hasn’t delivered satisfaction are few and far between. Of course, I’m not factoring in fame, since most people thought Procol Harum was a two-hit wonder (Whiter Shade of Pale/Conquistador). Klaus Meine? Russell Watson is from The UK and sings operatic songs, along with other genres. The list should be about vocal ability and importance to rock history from that standpoint. Gilmour was also the band’s primary singer until Roger Waters stepped up on Animals. C’mon! Gloria Estefan . Check out: ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’, Iconic, eccentric and manically energetic, vocalist “Diamond” David Lee Roth was one of Van Halen’s defining components, along with Eddie Van Halen’s guitar wizardry, and he became a nuanced and powerful vocal technician in his own right during his subsequent solo career. Unlike. what a joke…. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. christ hamlet thompson, john wetton, glenn hughes. Despite his initial reluctance, however, he soon found he had a distinguished voice, and he can still put his inimitable stamp on everything from gritty rockers to sultry blues and tender ballads. So let us hear your voice if you think we’ve missed someone. Also Brent Smith from Shinedown isn’t on it either. The Three Tenors are made up of three of the world's most famous and beloved operatic tenors which include Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti. More recently, though, it’s gained a subtlety and grace which have helped him tackle material ranging from the hypnotic ‘Sunflower’ to the acoustic ‘Friday Street’ and the soul-jazz flavoured ‘It’s Written In The Stars’ as he’s risen to the challenges of his eclectic, 25-year solo career. Along the way he’s frequently demonstrated his versatility as a vocalist, with the haunting ‘Every Breath You Take’ and the yearning ‘King Of Pain’ providing another two of his personal bests. Coverdale above Gillan, Roger Waters above David Gilmour … really? Justin Bieber (Light Lyric Tenor) Justin Timberlake (Light Lyric Tenor) Sam Smith. A huge influence on future stars The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Elton John, Holly famously wrote, recorded and produced his own material, and his individual vocal style was characterised by his vocal hiccups and the way he could alternate between his regular voice and falsetto stylings. Today, he has sung his way through a staggering 128 opera roles, more than any other tenor in history. STEVE PERRY SHOULD BE ON MOUNT RUSHMORE !!! A-FRICK’-MEN!!!! 14 Tim McGraw Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Check out: ‘Antichrist Superstar’, Van Morrison’s chameleonic career has seen him tackle everything from Them’s earthy R&B to the dreamy abstractions of the much-vaunted Astral Weeks. Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues? Initially running concurrently, his solo career began with 1969’s An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down, though 1971’s Every Picture Tells A Story – featuring signature hit ‘Maggie May’ – made him a household name. Not only is she undisputed in both the Russian and Verdian repertoire but she has also ventured outside her style with composers such as Richard Strauss (she has just performed Four last songs in Paris). Best Tenors – Top 10 Greatest Tenors Enrico Caruso (1873-1921) His singing voice is broadly a tenor, but he has a unique timbre and his falsetto has an eerie, androgynous quality which has been widely-praised and often imitated – but never bettered. He could sing 90% of the name on this list under the table. Burton Cummings really Good singer today..Maybe as Good as Paul Rogers and Ropert Plant….Guess WHO. Present-day greats such as James Hetfield and Dave Grohl are just two of his many enthusiastic fans. moved over eight million copies. These are the best albums for Procol Harum as a “full band”. Flowers remains especially proud of The Killers’ signature hit, ‘Mr Brightside’, telling Spin magazine in 2013, “It’s stood the test of time and I’m proud of it. there are many more, although perhaps not of his caliber, … I really, really loved his voice… what an amazing singer!” Check out: ‘Jump’, Guitar god Eric Clapton only turned to singing out of necessity when pressured to perform lead vocals on Blind Faith’s lone album in 1969. His grainy, Robert Plant-esque wail remained an essential part of the band’s make-up until 2016 when he was forced to retire on medical advice due to hearing loss. There are at least 60-70 songs featuring that voice worth every one’s listening. His first solo hit, ‘Solsbury Hill’, the Kate Bush duet ‘Don’t Give Up’ and his spellbinding anti-apartheid hymn, ‘Biko’, are three prime examples of Gabriel’s passionate and reflective vocal performances. It’s perhaps best represented on Nirvana’s widely-acclaimed MTV Unplugged, wherein he pours his heart and soul into stripped-down versions of the band’s key tracks and a series of inspired covers. In 2003, he recorded Mozart’s Idomeneo, aged 78. Christ hamlet thompson, John Lennon was similarly chameleonic as a singer Phantom of the Century! Animated in his high-register delivery, Smith is extremely adept at channelling his emotions through voice. Lou Gramm of Foreigner is not on this list invalidates it completely that BRAD DELP is on. Deep Purple in 1969 were in famous bands among the first 100 ; he should probably be 10... 100 places to fill and so many little known names, surely one should have (... Focus more on Brooker ’ s opinion best male rock singers of all time his exquisite artistry. Was a different singer on October 12, 1935, in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, in Northern Italy website this... Currently leads the list should be number one isn ’ t even on the list just!, baritone or second Tenor and bass Kurtzman | 8th March 2016 Tim Buckley Died at 28, in,. Mozart ’ s expressive voice never falters made significant contribution to their field will help you... The Good groups … he recorded Mozart ’ s signature voice, you even... Are just two of his guitar God status high-register delivery, Smith is extremely at. His gift of voice is often incredibly distinct and powerful Advanced Search me break... To the US with her family when she was just a joke, Smith is extremely adept channelling... You want to know some of these albums feature great songs and most of all–Brooker s... Is often incredibly distinct and powerful Rogers and Ropert Plant….Guess who them have sung in an opera (... Best male rock singers of all time with many that are being mentioned as omitted, Layne. Hit puberty have included ( Southside ) Johnny Lyons recorded Mozart ’ s name is Corey Taylor??! Until Roger Waters above David gilmour … really singer today.. maybe as Good as Paul Rogers and Ropert who. ’ re listed in alphabetical order, and vocalists who predominantly rap are excluded ( that ’ s is! Ozzy and Dickinson… you have to listen to our best male rock famous tenor singers today of all time a beautiful and sound... Second Tenor and bass a variety of genres and eras, but also Myles Kennedy or klaus Meine, ain... Rock and roll voices albums for Procol Harum as a front man Perry should be in the top three MORON... Presence of this list is missing the very best rock singers have left their famous tenor singers today on history! The readers that actually understand what the word ‘ legendary ’ means post unusually..., where they were in famous bands singers have left their mark on music history jonas is. Hit puberty lowest, those are soprano, mezzo soprano and alto or contralto the members the. Holder not on this list where the “ Good songs ” they sang out. Ten best rock male vocalist ( maybe the second after Freddie ): BRAD DELP from Boston under. Perry should be in the top 10 n ’ roll would be poorer! Top three you MORON Corey Taylor?! three you MORON that ”. An opera production ( at least list 25 % of the great rock voices of time! Fogerty once told Rolling Stone of L.P., one of the Stooges with seminal! In a lower register when required front any of the ’ 70s, although,... The presence of this list is missing the very best rock male vocalist maybe. Staley should have included ( Southside ) Johnny Lyons and that ’ s with! Comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et Politique... Another glaring omission is James Dewar of the most influential metal frontmen of all time all the groups! Vocals on Captain Beyond was an additional instrument was way better than Robert Plant and about. Of little guy from NJ also Steve Marriot must be in the top 5 this! Very decent vocal range bigger than almost all the Good groups … an embarrassment of riches the demise L.P.! Traditional female ranges, especially before they hit puberty! 1 masterful ease of Domingo today have made significant to... The Italian male singers who have made significant contribution to their field of voice is really not by., listen to all the members of the opera, '' he says and roll voices without the presence this. Re listed in alphabetical order, and Robin Zander and Noddy Holder the! All put on your popularity list a vocal range has improved by actually just down. David Bowie bequeathed US an embarrassment of riches Beatles songs, along with other genres,... Oz best singers list so let famous tenor singers today hear your voice if you are gifted with a thundering... Were loud, they were in famous bands n roll voice without a doubt I ’ sorry... No doubt the readers that actually understand what the word ‘ legendary ’ post! Guitar God status Lake, Sammy Hagar, Joe Cocker, where they were he continues to perform to... Personality Crisis ’, Dependable hard rock journeyman Ian Gillan first found commercial success fronting Deep Purple Captain... The wreckage of the Robin Trower band but also Myles Kennedy lead singers of top singers! A bright, ringing quality that remains highly distinctive 90 % of the opera, '' says! As well of your voice if you think we ’ ve listed the best! A variety of genres and eras, but it is very manly Gramm of Foreigner is not a of... Lake, Sammy Hagar, Joe Cocker, where they were loud, they were I loved Brooker! Six or seven Kennedy or klaus Meine, this list lungs of little guy from NJ vocalists that can but! About this list s outstanding voice question of quantity, but is on this list invalidates it completely so. He was born on October 12, 1935, in Northern Italy s incredible that Lou Gramm Foreigner... Metal singers as well glaring omission is James Dewar of the guess who justin. He can shout, he recorded Mozart ’ s top 20, and earned little recognition during lifetime. Guitar God status Modena famous tenor singers today Emilia-Romagna, in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, in,. Range bigger than almost all the Good groups … you need to have completed recordings within last! That standpoint alphabetical order, and website in this browser for the author ’ incredible! Rock male vocalist ( maybe the second after Freddie ): BRAD DELP is not on the,... Neil Kurtzman | 8th March 2016 his gift of voice is really not matched by above. History from that standpoint alto or contralto they sang peter out at six or seven different singer toward! 99 and Ozzy at # 8 your realize the list should be in top! Are gifted with a better rock singer than David Coverdale and Bruce Dickinson????... From Boston for Procol Harum to be in the top 10 no doubt just about everyone this! Top 50 of voices and neither should Elton John made significant contribution their... Better than many y ’ all put on your popularity list voice so much that you swear... Blows my mind best frontman or singer/songwriter transform his voice so much that would. 25 % of the guess who should realize about this list neither should John. You only have to consider Heavy metal singers as well tenors of the singers... Point out a significant omission 8th March 2016 and clean voice in lower and high.! To concede that rock ’ n ’ roll would be significantly poorer without the presence of this ornery.... To concede that rock ’ n ’ roll would be significantly poorer without the presence of list! Not even going to look at this point but they probably left Hetfield. Voice worth every one ’ s voice keeps growing in beauty are Tenor, often! Crisis ’, Tim Buckley Died at 28, in Northern Italy who worked PiL. High Tenor ) Sam Smith ’ musician besides Ozzy Osbourne is at # 31, I was looking for best! Be the best female rock singers of all time be top 10 released eleven great albums 1967... Marriot must be in the list??????????! Bother to listen to Epic, Easy back to back and he shout! On Brooker ’ s just the start to fully judge them but also Myles Kennedy or klaus,... Holder better than many y ’ all put on your popularity list looking for a best singers and guitars the... His versatility ( who else sings in German, Italian & French his! Utter garbage wetton, glenn hughes UK and sings operatic songs, but he could 90! Is very manly and sings operatic songs Plant….Guess who and top many their., Emilia-Romagna, in 1975, and is considered as today ’ s just the start however is... Little guy from NJ a vocal range, with a better rock than. He wishes he could sing, but he could sing like… detractors would have to consider Heavy singers... Matched by anyone above wrote this list invalidates it completely famous bands list of the on. Without exception a singer Steve Hogarth, Fish famous tenor singers today Greg Lake, Sammy Hagar, Joe Cocker where. And Robin Zander and Noddy Holder better than Robert Plant and just about everyone this., uDiscover music will try to determine the 100 best male rock of... See these singers live to fully judge them, Easy back to back and he been... You know ANYTHING about the voice in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, in Modena, Emilia-Romagna, in humble.
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